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sources say adam lanza saw himself as being in direct competition with anders breivik, a norwegian man who killed 77 people in july, 2011.1. breivik killed eight with a bombing in downtown oslo, he then moved to a nearby island where he hunted down and fatally shot 69 people, mostly teenagers attending a summer camp. c two officials who have been briefed on the newtown connecticut, investigation say lanza wanted to top breivik's death toll and targeted nearby sandy hook elementary school because it was the easiest target with the largest cluster of people. based on evidence they have collected, investigators also believe lanza was acting out the fantasy of a video shooting game as he killed 20 first grade students and six adults. sources say lanza fired shots at the first police officers to respond as they moved through the school's parking lot. unlike breivik who surrendered lanza killed himself as police
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closed in, ending his massacre br sooner than he intended officials haven't relegaled what led them to the motive. sources say investigators have found evidence landers was obsessed with breivik. they've also recovered what they call a trove of violent video games from the basement of lanza's home. sources say lanza spentces countless hours there alone in as ho private gaming room with the windows blacked out, honing his computer shooting skills. lanza made multiple visits to nearby gun ranges with his mother nancy lanza where they practiced together with actual weapons. three guns all registered tod nancy lanza were used in is sandy hook massacre. lanza used a fourth weapon to kill his mother before his attack on the school. police are now reaching out to people in the online gaming community who may have had encounters with lanza to better understand, scott, the full scope of what may have motivated him. >> pelley: bob, lanza did
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everything he could to destroy the hard drives on the home computers. have investigators found anything from that? >> reporter: no, unfortunately scott, so far they have not. lanza's damaged computer hasn't yielded any usable evidence. investigators in quantico are trying to piece together the hard drive which lanza deliberately smashed but we're told the equipment is in bad shape. >> pelley: by the way, anders breivik, who bob just mentioned, was sentenced to the maximum of men 21 years in prison. s that sentence can be extended if a judge finds he is still dangerous. olympic runner oscar pistorius now charged with murder, is due in court for a bail hearing. pistorius is accused of shooting his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp at his home in south africa.uth pistorius is famous for running wearing carbon blades to replace the legs that he lost as a child a correspondent emma hurd is in johannesburg, south africa. emma, the prosecution will
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present its case tomorrow? what do we expect to hear? >> reporter: this is the bail hearing so they may be required to reveal a little bit about the evidence that they have in terms about what happened on the early hours of valentine's day morning we know that the prosecution wants to go after oscar pistorius for premeditated murder. like wise, his defense lawyers are desperate to get him out of custody and out on bail. so they argue this is not pre- meditated murder, they will ask the prosecution to show therder strength of their evidence, the magistrate in the case will have to decide whether they havether enough to launch that charge of premeditated murder, who we know that it's been confirmed by the police so far is that she was shot four times and his 9 millimeter pistol was found at the scene. >> pelley: emma, reeva steenkamp's funeral is also tomorrow, the same day as the bail >> yes, she is going to be laid to rest in a memorial service in
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port elizabeth, the town on the east coast in south africa, the town where she grew up. sh and her family after that private service are expected to address the media. they have held their silence so far issuing just written statements. her father saying that he felt fat no hatred, only sadness. her mother saying she can't believe that in a blink, in an breath, her beautiful daughter is gone. >> pelley: emma hurd in johannesburg, south africa. thank you very much, emma. another famous athlete played golf with the president in florida over the weekend. tiger woods. today the president flew home after his three day trip. he was returns to face a number of issues, including a march 1 deadline to work out a budget deal. before across-the-board spending cuts kick in in the federal. another big issue for theer president is immigration reform and over the weekend a partial white house plan for immigration
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reform leaked out to the press. that caused a bit of an uproar and major garrett has been looking into that for us. major, what was in the white house plan? >> reporter: well, scott, white house officials tell us what was leaked over the weekend is real. it's a partial draft of half a bill. i'll get to what's missing in half a second. but what we do know is the administration's current thinking about what to do about the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the united states right now. point one, the administration wants a temporary four-year visa to provide legal status mean nothing more deportation. that could be renewed. then after eight years they canig apply for with what's known as permanent legal residency. more commonly, a green card. there's also administration thinking on border security and an unspecified increase in border security subject to negotiations with congress and then for workers who try to find jobs in the future who might not have documents, an e-verify system to make sure undocumented workers aren't given jobs. what's missing, scott, is a section dealing with all future legal immigration issues: high- skilled workers, seasonal farm workers and workers who work in
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hotels or restaurants. that's not in the bill at all. without that, this doesn't have much of a chance.that >> pelley: so, major, with some of the parts that you haveith talked about in the piece, could those get through the congress? >> reporter: not without the section dealing with legal immigration. that's why republicans swore critical this weekend, last year republicans criticized the president for being missing in action, not drafting a bill. now that he admits he is republicans say he's contaminating the process. their point is that if you don't have a comprehensive bill, one that can pass republicans and democrats in both the house and senate, this is a futile effort, the white house says republicans are going to be dared to vote up or down eventually and they better get used to that. >> pelley: major, thank you very much. we learned today that pope benedict xvi is hard of hearing and partially blind in one eye. that's from a journalist who interviewed him recently. in ten days, the pope, who is 85 will retire as head of the catholic church. last night he prayed with some
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of the cardinals who will choose his successor. he then began a week long spiritual retreat. benedict's time as pope has beenl in the u.s., church attendanceul is down, there is a shortage of priests, and legal settlements from the sex abuse scandal have cost billions of dollars. the boston archdiocese has closed dozens of churches, but in one of those, parishioners have staged a sit-in that's been going on now for eight years. here's elaine quijano. >> reporter: every friday night, christine arnold and her 14- year-old triplets sean, scott and christian, arrive for their overnight shift at st. francis church. the triplets have been coming here since they were six years old. would it be weird to not come here on a friday night? >> it wouldn't feel right. >> reporter: why not? >> because, like, this kind of like our second home here.
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>> reporter: more than 100 parishioners take shifts occupying st.francis 24 hours a day, seven days a week. the parish was officially closed in october, the 2004, for having low attendance. the archdiocese claimed it was a financial necessity. the parishioners fear if they leave, the archdiocese will lock them out and sell the 30 acre seaside property. maryellen rogers is one of the vigil's organizers. >> from day one we said our goalne o is to reopen as a fully functioning parish within the archdiocese of boston. >> reporter: why not just go to another church? >> the reason we're here is toy make change. and change hasn't happened. we were a vibrant parish. closing down vibrant parishes is not the solution. >> reporter: were you baptized in this church? >> i was baptized in this church.ap i received my first communion. i receive mid-confirmation. i was married here. and my father and brother were buried out of this church. >> reporter: the parishioners have one last appeal and are awaiting a ruling from the vatican. sister marian batho respects the >> we are trying to understand
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and the fact that this process has gone on so long i think is certainly a symbol of our understanding, the fact that we recognize that this is difficult. >> reporter: no priest has said mass at the church in eight years, but those holding vigil have their own church service every sunday morning. >> this is a family bonding moment helping this church open and this family wouldn't be the same without this church. be this church is our family. >> reporter: a family these parishioners have no plans to abandon no matter what the vatican's final decision. elaine quijano, cbs news scituate, massachusetts.scit >> pelley: scientists in russia today said that they have found more than 50 meteorite fragments from that space rock that blasted into siberia on friday. they're finding pieces of it around a hole that it punched ins a lake.
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some residents are selling fragments on the internet. 1,500 people were hurt by flying glass when the rock, estimated at 10,000 tons, created a shock wave as it tore through thes atmosphere. we have new details tonight on what went wrong aboard that stranded carnival cruise ship last week. the coast guard tells us that the fire in the ship's engine room was caused by a leak in a fuel line. the fire knocked out power and plumbing. it took five days to tow more than 4,000 passengers and crew to port. what's behind the huge spike in gas prices? we'll look at the man who built the lakers, jerry buss. and why would someone pay more than half a million dollars for this leather jacket? because of the man who wore it. when the "cbs evening news" continues. ♪ ♪ i wish my patients could see what i see. ♪ ♪ that over time, having
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coast. but construction on the northern half has been held up. in the meantime the canadian company is already laying pipe for the southern stretch, but mark strassman has found something more. >> you have 650-acres. they want a very small piece. why not let them have it. >> they have a right to it. if it was 650 inches or something i wouldn't want to take it. >> listens call to bury the oil pipe aquarter hail up streak which is critical for livestock and crops. she is worried about a leak and rejected a 21 how dollars offer from the owner transcanada. the company says it's too late to go around crawford's land so
5:45 pm
transcanada pseudo her >> i -- sued her >> i don't believe a canadian organization has more of a right to my land than i do. >> so, most ranchers here like henri duncan welcome the pipe -- henry duncan welcome the pipeline. he won't say what transcanada paid him to bury land through his 200-acres, but it is muff to pay his real estate taxes for the next two years. >> i have one line on the backside of me. it's my cat 8 are eating on top of it and it is in the hurting them any. i don't see how this one can hurt them any. >> if they came in here and said we want to do a second one, would you do it. >> oh, definitely. >> transference more you see it, the more it is like the odds -- the more you see it the odds are getting longer >> crawford says whatever the odds he is an immovable object.
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mark strassman, cbs muse direct texas. >> oil rich venezuela says that the president chavez returned home today after undergoing two months of cancer treatment in cuba. there were no pictures of his arrival. he has not been seen for months. he was the man who turned basketball into show time. we ale remember jerry bus, next. it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer
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>> pelley: the owner of the los angeles lakers, jerry buss, died today of kidney failure. he was 80. the owner of the los angeles lakers died today. he had kidney failure. he was self-made millionaire. he built one of the top franchises in all of sports. bill whitaker looks back. >> he was not a flashy man, but oh, did jerry bus know how to put on a show. the star athletes bring drama to the court and the lakers girls adding sizzle making lakers games the place to see and be seen. they called it show time. >> a steal by i don't know son. >> bob steiner was his long- tame friend and associate >> l.a . had 408ly wood. jerry want -- hollywood. jerry wanted to bring the lakers to the hollywood level >> he created 1078 of best
5:50 pm
court chemistry the nba has ever seen with stars like shaquile of teal, kobe bryant. after he bought the team in '79 for $16 million, the laker are also won 10 championships. magic johnson spoke by phone to kcbs today. >> when i first had to call him to tell him i had liver hiv, i had never seen dr. bus cry and we sat there and cried together. he held me like i was his son. i'm never going to forget that moment. >> jerry bus once said he just wanted the lakers to be l.a .'s team. >> everyday when i walk down the street at least two or three people come over and say i want to thank you for what you have done for me, my family, for the city of los angeles. its a been great entertainment. >> jerry bus put on an
5:51 pm
unforgettable show. bill whitaker, cbs news los angeles. >> there was an unforget -b8 price paid last night for a jacket worn by former president john f. kennedy. it was his air force one bomber jacket. it went for more than half a million dollars. more than 10 times the expected price. the jacket was part of a collection kept by kennedy's long time adviser david powers who died in 1998. they bring modern medicine to people who believe illnesses are caused by evil spirits an american mission of mercy, next. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers
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but it won't stop with rick perry. the latest governor to hit california - for some job poaching. tonight at 6 o'clock. weather talent appears at wx center with generic >> pelley: the "africa mercy" is the largest the africa mercy is the largest civilian hospital ship in the world. her largely american crew bring 21st century medicine to west africa, a place where some people still believe in evil spirits. many there die of diseases we don't see including a particular kind of facial tumor. on assignment we saw these two worlds meet at the intersection of courage and compassion. >> we visited tar candle stick mercy during her -- the africa mercy. when the ship comes in, thousands line up to be screened for free tenial surgery, eye surgery and facial
5:55 pm
procedures for cleft palettes and other deform sierras. gary parker is the chief surgeon. >> hello. >> and one of his patients is ito who was back for a checkup. you're probably thinking that she's disfigurabled now, but in 1995 at the age of 9 a tumor lad destroyed her face. >> these are people that go out at night and try to get food and in the day they hide. they can't go to the market or school. they are isolated. >> so these patients arrive, what do you imagine that is like for them? >> i have seen it over and over again that when they are greeted, someone comes and shakes their hand. it's like somebody recognizes me that i am inside here. i'm trapped. i can't get away from this tumor but i'm still in here. >> the tumors aren't cancer. it is tooth enamel that won't
5:56 pm
stop growing. in the u.s. a dentist would remove it but here it grows for years. >> hey, i hear your voice. >> patients end up in the care of a nurse who joined the ship four years ago. >> you know that there are some people watching who are saying to themselves i could never do what she does. those poor people are terribly disfigurabled i can't look at them. >> uh-huh. people have been saying that to people their whole lives and someone has to look at them in the eye and tell them that you're human and i recognize that in you. you get to the point where you don't see it anymore. you just can see the person's eyes. or if they only have one eye because the other one is a tumor. you find tear eye and you find a way to connect with them. >> the africa mercy is operated by an american charity called
5:57 pm
mercy ships. in togo they return removed hundreds of tumors and returned eyesight to many patients who were blind. that is the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. o weeks - a governor will visit g. and i am elizabeth cook. >> i am allen martin. for the second time in two weeks a governor will visit california for hunting.
5:58 pm
looks to be the prey is golden state jobs. kpix 5 karen chin with more. >> the governor plans to visit california companies that already do business in iowa and usual them to relocate or expand to his state. >> they are raising taxes like illinois. california base country has a sign out that base country says, like we say in the army, if it doesn't move, paint it. their plan is if it didn't move, tax it. >> we asked how he would feel if the california democratic governor tried luring business to iowa. >> he is welcome to come any tame he wants to. last time saw him here he came here in december to the farm bureau convention and most people said this guy, he doesn't have a clue. he was running for president of the united states at that time. this is jerry brown, you know. >> just last week republican
5:59 pm
governor perry bought radio ads and visited california hoping to lure companies to texas. a campaign governor jerry brown dismissed. as for the iowa governor's visit, brown spokesman said they were expecting up to 10 inches of snow in iowa on thursday. if i was their governor i'd plan a trip to california too. he said california is leading the nation with 257,000 private sector jobs in the last 12 months. what they don't realize is that you can't poach your way there. >> reporter: he also said poaching has not worked. even studies show california has only a small percentage of jobs to companies moving out of state. taco bell is 9,000 a year compared to california's 18348. still, the governor says the trip will cost $2,500. karen chin, kpix. one big expense, too many workers missings their trains. kpix 5's ann notarangelo tells us the unscheduled time off is costing millions every year. ann.

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